Violin Playtime Book 3

Violin Playtime Book 3

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arr. Paul De Keyser

With Violin Playtime Book 3, the beginner violinist can make music from the very first lessons. In the three books that make up this series, there are over a hundred little pieces, a treasure-trove of attractive tunes - some traditional, some by composers of the past, some newly composed. This is more then just an easy anthology, as the underlying approach is 'learn as you play', and a carefully devised ground plan of technical development makes it a manual in disguise, a tutor without text.

This book is for players of about grade 2. Lively illustrations contribute visually to the excitement of learning the violin. Violin Playtime Book 1 caters for players from the beginning to around grade 1, while Violin Playtime Book 2 is for those firmly within grade 1.


  1. Aria From 'Iphigenia'
  2. The British Grenadiers
  3. Bugle Call
  4. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
  5. Circus Bearfight
  6. Clog Dance
  7. The Cockerel
  8. Cossack Dance
  9. Fleur Valse
  10. The Forest And The Plain
  11. From Old Vienna
  12. Galop
  13. Grande Etude
  14. Heroes' March
  15. Hora
  16. The Icy Wind
  17. Innocence
  18. Krakowiak
  19. Michael Finnigan
  20. Minuet
  21. Over The Hills And Far Away
  22. Pastorale
  23. The Ploughman
  24. Presto
  25. Russian Folksong
  26. To The Maypole **ABRSM selected piece: Violin syllabus 2008-2011
  27. Winter's Journey
  28. Yearning