Unbeaten Tracks (Flute)

Unbeaten Tracks (Flute)

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Philippa Davies, Various

Unbeaten Tracks (Flute) introduces contemporary pieces of standard and new to unusual repertoire to the Intermediate flautist player (Grade 4-7), and is paired with piano accompaniment, offering both challenge and reward in equal measure. This book, edited by flautist Philippa Davies, presents 8 a kaleidoscopic mix of styles by some of today's most talented composers and are undoubtedly destined to become standard repertoire.  

The Unbeaten Tracks Series has made a profound mark on the music world with its volumes of specially commissioned pieces for intermediate-level players. There are also small 'biopics' about each composer that give tidbits of information about the composer's inspiration and intention behind their piece, which give musicians a greater insight into the music.


  1. Carl Davis: Beatrix
  2. Daryl Runswick: Blue Six
  3. John Woolrich: A Sad Song
  4. Colin Matthews: Little Pavane
  5. Christopher Gunning: Waltz For Aggie 
  6. David Matthews: Pieces Of Seven
  7. Eddie McGuire: Caprice 
  8. Fraser Trainer: Outside Lines.