The Singer's Handbook (Voice)

The Singer's Handbook (Voice)

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Mary King, Anthony Legge

Indispensable to amateur enthusiasts and those with professional aspirations alike, The Singer’s Handbook is packed full of practical information, technical advice and exclusive tips to provide guidance for every stage of a singer’s development – from finding your first teacher to dealing with the pressures of a professional career.

Unique, informative and engaging, The Singer’s Handbook is a must have for all aspiring singers! Drawn from their extensive experience in the professional arena, Mary King and Anthony Legge shine a light onto the fascinating world of singing and the music business, enabling any singer to discover tools to develop their own talents.


  1. About The Authors
  2. Introduction
  3. Key Symbols Used In This Book
  4. Chapter 1: On Your Starting Blocks
  5. The Singing Teacher
  6. How The Voice Works
  7. Some Basic Anatomy
  8. Vocal Hygiene
  9. How To Warm Up And Practise
  10. Chapter 2: Off You Go!
  11. Learning And Memorising Music
  12. Try-Out Performances
  13. Practice Techniques And Tips
  14. The Basics Of Musical Style
  15. Evaluating Your Progress
  16. First Performances
  17. Chapter 3: Halfway Round The Course!
  18. Singing Coaches
  19. Language Coaches
  20. Singing In Difference Languages
  21. Chapter 4: The Going Gets Tough – Being Tested
  22. Auditions
  23. Exams, Competitions And Awards
  24. CV’s And Biographies
  25. Being Business-Like
  26. Chapter 5: The Last Lap
  27. Advanced Performance
  28. Different Career Paths
  29. Chapter 6: The Home Straight
  30. Success
  31. Practice And Self-Discipline
  32. Consequences Of Auditions
  33. The Singer’s Job.