The Flute Player's Companion Volume 1

The Flute Player's Companion Volume 1

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Chester Music


 Melodic exercises, studies and duets from the 18th and 19th centuries are featured in this unique collection. Compiled and edited by Edward Blakeman, it includes works by Andersen, Camus, Hottenterre and Kohler.


  • 26 Small Caprices, Op.37 (Anderson)
  • 18 Short Studies, Op.41 (Anderson)
  • 18 Studies (Berbiguier)
  • 100 Short Solos (Camus)
  • The Art of Phrasing (Demiersseman)
  • Duets from Flute Method(1795) (Devienne)
  • Flute Method(1845) (Dorus)
  • 25 Studies from Flute Method(1827) (Drouet)
  • 20 Lyrical Studies, Op.88 (Gariboldi)
  • The Art of Playing Preludes, Op.7 (Hotteterre)
  • 25 Romantic Studies, Op.66 (Kohler)
  • 30 Graceful Melodies, Op.10 (Leplus)
  • Flute Method (1896) (Pares)
  • Flute Book (Quantz and King Frederick The Great)
  • 24 Daily Exercises, Op.53 (Soussmann)