Singing Grade 2 2018 (with CD & teaching notes)

Singing Grade 2 2018 (with CD & teaching notes)

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New graded songbooks feature teaching notes, translations, audio pronunciation guides and recordings of the piano accompaniments and provide singers with exciting repertoire for every level.

A new vocal exercises book, with the newly composed exercises, gives singers support for pitch and tone, rhythm, and diction.

Exam Highlights
•Refreshed repertoire of over 1,000 songs allows singers to perform in a range of styles and languages.

•Revised song groupings let singers specialise in their preferred musical styles with enough choice to ensure they become a versatile performer.

•A choice of four supporting tests and flexible performance options, including using backing tracks up to Grade 3 and no requirement to perform from memory, give singers the flexibility to demonstrate their individual strengths.

•Specially designed technical exercises allow singers to develop vocal technique through performance.



  1. Trad. arr. O’Neill - Farewell Lad
  2. Roberton - Westering Home
  3. Anderson - Evening in Autumn
  4. Baynon - The Spanish Main
  5. Thiman - The Skylark
  6. Nelson - Ghosts in the Belfry
  7. Burtch - The World’s End
  8. Crawley - Abdul, the Magician
  9. Crawley - Grizelda
  10. Exley - A Fly
  11. Skempton - Pigs Could Fly
  12. Telfer - On the Back of an Eagle
  13. Vine - Love Me Sweet
  14. Coghlan & Coghlan - Rocking in Rhythm
  15. Hamilton - Chocolate (from Just Desserts)