Scale Explorer for Piano, Grade 4

Scale Explorer for Piano, Grade 4

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Bullard, Alan

Scale Explorer for Piano is a creative resource for students learning their scales and arpeggios. This book covers ABRSM’s new syllabus requirements (from 2021) at Grade 4, and includes engaging activities that bring scales to life through short pieces, improvisation, composition and exercises.

Key features

• Workouts to help establish the fingering patterns by breaking each scale and arpeggio into small sections

• Tips and hints to encourage students to remember the characteristics of individual scales

• Short, tuneful pieces that incorporate scale and arpeggio patterns, showing how they are used in music and providing reading and playing opportunities

• ‘Tune Factory’ activities, where students can compose their own melodies and improvise within the scale key

• A chart with tick boxes, to help students with their scale and arpeggio revision