ROBERT SCHUMANN: Night Pieces op. 23

ROBERT SCHUMANN: Night Pieces op. 23

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Urtext Edition, paperbound

Gloomy premonitions plagued Schumann whilst he was working on his latest composition in 1839. The news that his brother Eduard was dying had deeply shaken him. “Writing a ‘Corpse Fantasy’ since Monday,” he wrote in his diary on 31 March. While he was preparing the composition for publication three-quarters of a year later, he chose the title “Night Pieces” with reference to E. T. A. Hoffmann. However, Schumann probably did not want the work to be perceived as being so nocturnal and dark, because he associated with it the desire that it should “pleasantly remind” one of his brother, who had in the meantime died. We are now publishing it in a newly revised version by Ernst Herttrich reflecting the latest in scholarly research.


  • Mehr langsam, oft zurückhaltend op. 23,1
  • Markiert und lebhaft op. 23,2
  • Mit großer Lebhaftigkeit op. 23,3
  • Einfach op. 23,4