Real Repertoire Studies Grades 6-8

Real Repertoire Studies Grades 6-8

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By Christine, arr. Christine Brown

Real Repertoire Studies Grades 6-8 is a fantastic introduction to the wealth of original works by the great study writers, from Clementi to Bartók, for intermediate-advanced pianists. These studies have been selected by the late, renowned teacher and pedagogue Christine Brown to provide technical training and plenty of musical interest and they will be ideal performance pieces for concerts or festivals.

Each study has been scrupulously edited and includes additional fingers, phrasing, pedalling and metronome marks for added clarity and consistency. Helpful background notes on the composers are also included.



  1. Velocity Op.109, No.10 (Johann Friedrich Bergmuller)
  2. Finger Study from Ten Easy Piano Pieces (Bela Bartok)
  3. Study in D Op.30, No.33 Johann Baptist Cramer)
  4. Study in C from The Wheel of Progress (Thomas Dunhill)
  5. Study in D flat Op.636, No.18 (Carl Czerny)
  6. Etude in C Op.46, No.24 (Stephen Heller)
  7. Study in F minor Op.30, No.16 Johann Baptist Cramer)
  8. Study in F No.65 from Gradus ad Parnassum (Muzio Clementi)
  9. Study in E Op.45, No.9 (Stephen Heller)
  10. Study in A No.9 from Gradus ad Parnassum (Muzio Clementi)
  11. Study in D minor Op.740, No.37 (Carl Czerny)
  12. Study in C sharp minor Op.2, No.1 (Alexander Scriabin)