O Tuneful Voice

O Tuneful Voice

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Edited by Timothy Roberts

22 Classical English songs for high voice (soprano or tenor), with original piano accompaniments. The collection is devoted to the serious songs of the period, composed for domestic performance. This relatively unknown repertoire is of striking variety and quality, and extremely lyrical, melodious, and eminently singable.


  • Elegy, Samuel Arnold
  • The midsummer wish, Samuel Arnold
  • The wanderer, Joseph Haydn
  • She never told her love, Joseph Haydn
  • O tuneful voice, Joseph Haydn
  • The emigrant, James Hook
  • Let no mortal sing to me, William Jackson
  • The lark sings high in the cornfield, Thomas Linley
  • Think not, my love, when secret grief, Thomas Linley
  • Alas, from the day my poor heart, Thomas Linley
  • A shepherd lov'd a nymph so fair, George Frederick Pinto
  • Invocation to Nature, George Frederick Pinto
  • From thee, Eliza, I must go, George Frederick Pinto
  • Why still before these streaming eyes, Johann Peter Salomon
  • Go, lov'ly rose, Johann Peter Salomon
  • O tuneful voice, Johann Peter Salomon
  • Say not that minutes swiftly move, Johann Peter Salomon
  • The echo, John Georg Christoph Schetky
  • 'Tis only no harm to know it, you know, William Shield
  • Hope and Love, William Shield
  • Ye balmy breezes gently blow, William Shield
  • Content, Theodore Smith
  • How sweet the calm of this sequester'd shore, Stephen Storace
  • The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, Stephen Storace
  • Captivity, Stephen Storace