Music through Time Flute Book 1

Music through Time Flute Book 1

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Arranged by Paul Harris and Sally Adams

A collection of repertoire books of enjoyable, interesting, and stimulating material for use in the early stages of learning. The pieces in Book 1 are of around grades 1-2 standard and are in chronological order, with brief notes placing them in history.


  • Despres: El Grillo
  • Praetorius: Gavotte
  • Handel: March
  • Bononcini: Bella Vittoria
  • Oswald: Minuet from Airs for the Four Seasons
  • Mozart: Slave Dance from The Magic Flute
  • Haydn: Minuet from the "Surprise" symphony
  • Hook: Menuetto
  • Furstenau: Ecossaise
  • Beethoven: Air Russe
  • Schubert: Landler
  • Concone: Allegretto Cantabile
  • Boehm: Du, Du
  • Brahms: Cradle Song
  • Sullivan: Prithee, Pretty Maiden
  • Granados: My son Eduardo
  • Debussy: The submerged Cathedral
  • Joplin: The Augustine Club Waltz
  • Janacek: Tovacov, Tovacov
  • Satie: What little Princess Tulip says
  • Satie: Pierrot's Berceuse
  • Harris: Wistful Waltz