Keynotes: Piano Grades 2-3
Keynotes: Piano Grades 2-3
Keynotes: Piano Grades 2-3
Keynotes: Piano Grades 2-3

Keynotes: Piano Grades 2-3

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Selected and edited by John Lenehan

Keynotes is a series of essential piano repertoire from across the ages which has been carefully selected and edited by John Lenehan, one of Britain's most experienced, versarile and sought-after pianists.

Keynotes contains unusual and imaginative repertoire from over three centuries. Not only is there ample opportunity to improvise, but each book contains valuable practical footnotes. Book 2, grades 2-3, contains music by Anderson, JS Bach, Bartok, Bizet, Cimarosa, Clarke, Harris, Haydn, Kirnberger, Kuhlau, Lukova, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Ornstein, Satie, Telemann and Zamecnik.


  1. Telemann: Gigue
  2. Mozart: Andante From The Chelsea Notebook
  3. Zamecnik: Burglar Music
  4. Schumann: The Wild Horseman From Album For The Young Op.68
  5. Satie: In A Swing From Sports And Pastimes
  6. Cimarosa: Sonata No.4 In A Minor
  7. Anderson: Steps
  8. Bartók: A Joke From Mikrokosmos 
  9. Clarke: A Trompet Minuet
  10. Gounod: The Italian Bagpipers
  11. Ornstein: The Husband From Norwegian Couple
  12. Ornstein: The Wife From Norwegian Couple
  13. Harris: Hopscotch From Fingerprints
  14. JS Bach: Prelude In E Minor BWV941, No.3
  15. Schubert: Minuet From 20 Minuets D.41, No.8
  16. Lenehan: Transformations
  17. Luklova: The Drummer
  18. Haydn: Gypsy Dance