John W. Schaum Piano Course, E: The Violet Book
John W. Schaum Piano Course, E: The Violet Book
John W. Schaum Piano Course, E: The Violet Book

John W. Schaum Piano Course, E: The Violet Book

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Leading to Mastery of the Instrument

By John W. Schaum

A time-honored tradition just got better! The John W. Schaum Piano Course has been newly revised with 100 percent new engravings and typesetting, color highlighting for concept emphasis, updated song titles and lyrics, and full-color illustrations.


Title Composer
Rhythm Drills
Finger Staccato Study -- The Globe Trotter Gautier
Chime Effects -- The Angelus Bell Sibelius
Scale Passages -- Deer at Winter Feeding Place Beethoven
Rural Dance Form -- Barnyard Jamboree Baumfelder
Melody Playing -- Summer Moon Fibich
Finger Dexterity -- The Chase Lichner
Tremolo -- "1812" Overture (Excerpt) Tchaikowsky
Left Hand Rotation -- Log-Rolling Contest Koelling
Whole Tone Harmony -- Stratosphere Man
A Norwegian Composer -- Starlight over Norway Grieg
Sentiment in Music -- I Love Thee Grieg
Gypsy Rhythm -- Camp of the Gypsies Behr
Glissando -- Sliding on a Rainbow
Legato Melody with Staccato Accompaniment -- Wild Horse Canyon Concone
The Mordent (Plain and Inverted) -- Gavotte Gluck
Pep Rally March -- The Track Meet J. F. Wagner
Opera Theme -- The Bullfighters' March Bizet
Oratorio Theme -- The Shepherd and His Sheep (from Messiah) Handel
Arpeggio Study (Thumb Under) -- Up the Airy Mountain Streabbog
Staccatissimo Touch -- Pappy's Polka Strauss
Musical Emotion -- Purple Sunset Liszt
The Waltz as an Art Form -- Crystal Ballroom Chopin
Tenuto -- The Postage Stamp Czerny
The Soft Pedal -- Magic Carpet of Dreams Debussy
The Barcarolle Form -- Theme from Oberon Weber
Velocity Study -- Thirty Seconds to Go Koelling
Reading a Vocal Accompaniment -- Merry Widow Waltz Lehar
Passing Left Hand over Right -- Pass the Sugar, Please
How to Turn a Page of Music -- News Flashes Behr
Alternating Finger Study -- Crazy Quilt
Depicting Nature in Music -- Fingal's Cave Mendelssohn
Schaum Piano Quiz
Schaum Music Dictionary
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