John W. Schaum Piano Course, D: The Orange Book
John W. Schaum Piano Course, D: The Orange Book
John W. Schaum Piano Course, D: The Orange Book

John W. Schaum Piano Course, D: The Orange Book

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Leading to Mastery of the Instrument

By John W. Schaum

A time-honored tradition just got better! The John W. Schaum Piano Course has been newly revised with 100 percent new engravings and typesetting, color highlighting for concept emphasis, updated song titles and lyrics, and full-color illustrations.


Title Composer
Major Key Signature Drills
Theme and Variations -- Reuben and Rachel in Society
Natural Accents in 6/8 Time -- A Harvest Melody Beethoven
Spanish Music -- El Caballero Moszkowski
Reading Three Staffs -- Garden of the Stars Saint-Saëns
The Viennese Waltz Form -- The Waltz King Johann Strauss, Jr.
An American Song -- There's Music in the Air Root
Study for the Weaker Fingers -- Three Blind Mice
How to Practice Blocking Chords -- The Bird Bath
Music and Politics -- Two Military Heroes
Minor Scales -- Harmonic Minor Scale Pattern
Key of A Minor -- The Masked Horseman Schumann
Key of G Minor -- The District Attorney Rachmaninoff
Key of E Minor -- In the Hall of the Mountain King Grieg
Technical Pattern -- The Isle of Ecalpon Streabbog
Piano Quiz No. 1
Scale Passage Playing -- In an Eighteenth Century Flower Garden Mozart
Staccato in 6/8 Time -- Pals of the Saddle Von Suppé
Polyphonic Music -- Two Tunes at Once
The ROUND and the CANON (Two examples of Polyphonic Music) -- Smitty's Ditty and Main Street After Dark
Another Type of Polyphonic Music -- Bobcat Boogie
An Early Polyphonic Piece -- The Cuckoo Daquin
Left Hand Alone -- Southpaw Serenade Raff
Characteristic Music -- March of the Lions
Singing Tone -- The Swan Saint-Saëns
Polytonality -- A Modern Sound -- Henry's Hennery
Expression in Music -- Moonlight and Orchids Lemare
Plantation Spiritual -- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
One-Finger Pedal Study -- Waltz for the Index Finger Weber
The Chromatic Scale -- The Hornet
Black Key Study -- Rhapsody in Orange
Chord Study -- Mountain Grandeur
Piano Quiz No. 2
Scale Fingering Charts
Certificate of Promotion
Music Dictionary