JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Sonatas and Partitas for Violin solo

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Sonatas and Partitas for Violin solo

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Urtext Edition, paperbound

with marked and unmarked string parts

Bach’s six violin soli have come down to us in a particularly beautiful fair copy made by the composer himself. They, along with the six cello suites, are regarded as musical and technical milestones of musical literature. Bach skillfully employs the resources of the violin to produce genuine polyphony in some sections through the use of arpeggiated chords and double stops. The culmination of these achievements is the famous Chaconne from the second Partita, which achieves great musical density while presenting the violinist with previously unheard-of technical challenges. The part marked by Wolfgang Schneiderhahn accommodates practical use and includes suggestions for accords and arpeggios.


  • Sonata I g minor BWV 1001
  • Partita I b minor BWV 1002
  • Sonata II a minor BWV 1003
  • Partita II d minor BWV 1004
  • Sonata III C major BWV 1005
  • Partita III E major BWV 1006