I Can't Believe Pieces Can Be This Easy!

I Can't Believe Pieces Can Be This Easy!

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Chester Music

By Paul Harris

Twelve Easy Pieces for Flute with Piano Accompaniment

12 very easy pieces with piano accompaniment and pull out part. These pieces are suitable to be used in the Associated Board Medals exam. Contents: Anyone Seen My Cork-Grease? * Blow Low * I Love the Low Notes * I've Got Those Broken Reed Blues * Mellow Mouthpiece * My Pull-thru's Got Stuck * Off to Practice * On the Case * Pads About the House * Rushing to My Clarinet Lesson * Shall You Mow * Sonata for Clarinet Op. 120, No. 3


  • First Flute
  • With Fife and Plum
  • Funky Foot-joint
  • My First CD
  • Flute Salad
  • I Sat On My Flute
  • Chinese Flute Tea
  • Head-joint Blues
  • Sonata in C ('The Great') Op. 547b no. 38
  • I Wish I Practised More!
  • The Silver Flute
  • Latin Lip-Plate