Globetrotter 1

Globetrotter 1

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Written by Nicholas Keyworth, former chief examiner for music at the international examinations board Trinity College London, book 1 starts with some easy pieces and progresses up to approximately Grade 3 standard.

There is some fantastic material here to support technical development, broaden musical and general knowledge or provide supplementary material for exam preparation.

Globetrotter 1 contains 14 original piano pieces. This is a great collection of music for playing for fun or for performing at anytime and anywhere in the world.


  1. Chinese Whispers
  2. Alaskan Adventure
  3. Cherry Blossom
  4. Rocky Coast
  5. Moonlight over Sardinia
  6. Ghosthunters NYC
  7. Temple of Dawn
  8. Argentango
  9. Balloon over Savanna
  10. Journey Home
  11. Tintagel
  12. Tokyo Subway
  13. Taj Mahal
  14. Tzatziki