First Book Of Clarinet Solos

First Book Of Clarinet Solos

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Edited and arranged by John Davies & Paul Reade

The First Book Of Clarinet Solos has been prepared with the true beginner in mind. Arranged and edited by John Davies and Paul Reade, all 28 pieces are in an approximate order of difficulty to provide a wide range of music for study and performance. With repertoire covering several centuries and including composers such as Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Schumann, this book aims to draw attention to technical aspects of playing such as tone quality, intonation dynamics and rhythm. Breath marks are included to encourage the rounding off of phrases and help students to establish a naturally expressive and stylistic mode of playing.


  1. Reade: Prelude 
  2. Romance
  3. Traditional: Pierrot
  4. Atikvah
  5. Finnish Folksong
  6. Shepherd’s Hey
  7. The Apple From The Orchard
  8. Berdolin’s Sweetheart
  9. Schumann: The Merry Peasant 
  10. Schubert: 
  11. By The Fireside
  12. Diabelli: Scherzo
  13. Foster: Beautiful Dreamer
  14. Reinecke: Landler 
  15. Haydn: German Dance
  16. Tchaikovsky: Reverie
  17. Mozart: Lullaby
  18. Purcell: Rondeau 
  19. MacDowell: To A Wild Rose
  20. Rameau: Contredanse
  21. Brahms: Andante 
  22. Scott: The Fascinator
  23. Arne: When Daisies Pied 
  24. Schubert: Theme