Drum Kit From 2020. Initial-Grade 2

Drum Kit From 2020. Initial-Grade 2

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Everything a drummer needs to prepare for the performance and technical work components of Trinity drum kit exams from 2020. Encompassing a wider range of styles than ever before, the syllabus allows candidates to follow distinct stylistic pathways — jazz, funk, Latin, musical theatre — with arrangements of well-known works sitting alongside pieces specifically written for the syllabus by leading drum kit educators and performers. Performance notes are included for each piece, along with new technical work rudiments and exercises for each grade, and backing tracks are included as a free download.

Note: As of April 2023, Trinity’s Drum Kit & Percussion 2020-2023 Syllabus will no longer operate with an end date. Therefore, Trinity’s Drum Kit Exam Pieces 2020-2023 books will be valid indefinitely (subject to copyright) and any planned updates will be announced at least 12 months in advance. Trinity will be gradually amending the covers on these books upon reprint to ‘from 2020’, however there are books in circulation with the previous date range. In those cases, the change to syllabus arrangements overrides the dates printed on the cover of the book. Full information about current syllabus arrangements can be found at: https://www.trinitycollege.com/qualifications/music/grade-exams/percussion



  • Act One Beginners (Chris Burgess)
  • On the Right Foot (Chris Burgess)
  • Caribbean Sunset (Mike Osborn)
  • Blues for Inclusion (Clark Tracey)
  • Grunk Funk (Mike Osborn)
  • About Time (Clark Tracey)
  • Broadway Bounce (Chris Burgess)
  • Gunning for Funk (Mike Osborn)
  • In Seine (Mike Osborn)
  • Soul Babes (Clark Tracey)
  • Three Wise Monkeys (Chris Burgess)
  • Count Me In (Clark Tracey)
  • Lava Lamp (Chris Burgess)
  • NY Nights (Chris Burgess)
  • Cherry Blue (Mike Osborn)
  • Gently Does It (Clark Tracey)
  • Triple Decker (Chris Burgess)
  • No No Ñañigo (Mike Osborn)