CLAUDE DEBUSSY: Préludes, Premier livre

CLAUDE DEBUSSY: Préludes, Premier livre

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Urtext Edition, paperbound

After several single pieces and several smaller piano cycles, in 1910 the recently composed Préludes, Premier Livre was published. The title draws on a traditional form, following Chopin’s example. In addition Debussy discreetly characterized his Préludes by dispensing with titles but giving the pieces programmatic directions at the end of each Prélude. This first volume became an immediate success and even today is considered to be the epitome of Debussy’s piano artistry. Some of these more substantial pieces are also within reach of those who do not intend to become concert pianists.


  • Danseuses de Delphes
  • Voiles
  • Le Vent dans la plaine
  • Les Sons et les parfums
  • Les Collines d'Anacapri
  • Des Pas sur la neige
  • Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest
  • La Fille aux cheveux de lin
  • La Sérénade interrompue
  • La Cathédrale engloutie
  • La Danse de Puck
  • Minstrels