Baroque Real Repertoire (Piano Solo)
Baroque Real Repertoire (Piano Solo)
Baroque Real Repertoire (Piano Solo)
Baroque Real Repertoire (Piano Solo)

Baroque Real Repertoire (Piano Solo)

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The pieces in Baroque Real Repertoire have been selected to provide intermediate pianists (Grades 5-7) with enjoyable music for private study or for performance in concerts, festivals and examinations. There is a wide choice as the pieces vary in technical difficulty, length, tempo, key, character and mood.

The fingering has been chosen with great care to produce good technical and musical results. The metronome marks, which are editorial, have been given as a guide but are not obligatory. The realisation of the ornaments is based on contemporary sources, frequently from the composer’s own instructions. Editorial suggestions for dynamics and phrasing are shown either in brackets or, in a few places to aid clarity, by dotted lines.

The collection is not intended to be an urtext edition. As players progress they may wish to extend their knowledge of the music of this period by consulting urtext editions and making decisions for themselves. In this publication the editor has taken decisions with the intention of helping less experienced players to achieve a convincing performance in an authentic style.



  1. Presto from Sonata in A (Arne)
  2. Invention in A minor (JS Bach)
  3. Echo from the French Overture in B minor (JS Bach)
  4. Solo for the Cembalo (CPE Bach)
  5. Allemande in D minor (Couperin)
  6. Le Coucou (Daquin)
  7. Allegro from Suite No.8 in G (Handel)
  8. Sarabande from Suite in D minor (Handel)
  9. Toccata in A major from Sonata No.6 (Paradies)
  10. Prelude from Suite No.5 in C (Purcell)
  11. A New Ground in E minor (Purcell)
  12. Le Rappel Des Oiseaux (Rameau)
  13. Sonata in D (Scarlatti)
  14. Sonata in D minor 'Pastorale' (Scarlatti)
  15. Sonata in C (Scarlatti)