Baba Nyonya Musical Moments
Baba Nyonya Musical Moments

Baba Nyonya Musical Moments

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 This book is a compilation of well-loved baba nyonya songs, reintroduced in simplified arrangements. The aim is to encourage young pianists to look for rhythmic patterns and styles, to play with awareness and to use visualisation, in order to bring the music to life. Simple ornamentations are added, together with theoretical questions, to help the pianist make a theory/practical connection.


1. Title page and Copyright page
2. Photos
3. Foreword
4-5. Nona Nona
6-7. Waktu Fajar
8-9. Kapur Sirih
10-11. Tepuk Amai Amai
12-13. Nyonya Pakai Bunga
14-15. Trek Tek Tek
16-17. Rasa Sayang Eh!
18-19. Lenggang Kangkung
20-21. Sarinande
22-23. Dayung Sampan
24-25. Kopi Susu
26-27. Di Pulau Pinang
28-29. Mak Inang
30-31. Burung Kakak Tua (Duet)
32-33. Can Mali Can (Crossed-handed Duet)
34-35. English Translations
36. Answers