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Guitar -Atmospheres & Adventures

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Trinity Performance Edition showcases previously unpublished pieces by contemporary composers, with each edition dedicated to one composer and instrument. Many pieces from across the series have been selected for Trinity syllabuses, while others make great transition pieces between grades. All are perfect for concert performance, and you’ll find a range of playing standards in each book. Performance notes, written by the composer, are available online along with further digital resources at



  • Altostratus
  • Bestowal
  • Betelgeuse
  • Calderas
  • Clicking Tock
  • Cumulonimbus
  • Daydrifting
  • De agua azule
  • First Flight
  • Fox Walk
  • Frühling
  • Immram
  • Lost Horizons
  • The Pride of Peleus
  • Pentire Point
  • Sylvanus
  • Through the Half-light
  • Un petit pas
  • The Waves