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27 pieces on the lively side

Animations is a collection of pieces focusing on lively rhythms and sparkling, crisply-articulated playing - though not all the music is at faster tempos. There are goblins and grasshoppers, gypsies and witches; Grieg and Goldschmidt co-exist with Horne and Hummel; there is entertaining and sometimes unfamiliar music by Scarlatti, Schumann and Chopin. There is dance music a plenty, as you would expect in an album devoted to movement, and as well as a waltz and a mazurka, there is a gigue by Reger and a galop by Casella.


  • Bartók Winter solstice song
  • Benjamin Haunted house
  • Casella Galop final
  • Copland The young pioneers
  • Couperin Air in the Polish style
  • CPE Bach Allegro assai
  • Davies Piano piece no 19
  • Dunhill A dulcimer tune
  • Goldschmidt Scherzo
  • Grieg Tomorrow you will marry
  • Hellen Study op 47 no 11
  • Hofmann ‘Hungarian’
  • Horne In Seven
  • Hummel Allegro from Caprice op 49
  • Kodály Children’s dance no 11
  • Kullak Playing in the fields op 62 no 4 . . .
  • Mendelssohn Song without words op 102 no 3
  • Mozart Allegro
  • Prokofieff Procession of the grasshoppers
  • Quilter Goblins
  • Reger Gigue
  • Scarlatti Sonata K 431
  • Schubert Minuet no 11
  • Schubert Minuet no 23
  • Schumann Gypsy Dance
  • Tchaikovsky The witch
  • von Wilm Butterfly op 235 no 2 .