EXCLUSIVE Offers for TTC Members

EXCLUSIVE Offers for TTC Members

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Dear Coterie Members!

For the Months of JUNE and JULY!
Offering you our OUT OF SEASON collection. Eligibility methods are as follows:

1. With every $50 online or counter purchase, you will be entitled to 2 books from the out-of-season collection.
2. Like and share the TTC FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM post and be entitled to 2 books from the out-of-season collection.



3. For any new member or member renewing their TTC membership, will be entitled to 5 books from the out-of-season collection.
4. You may also purchase 3 books from the out-of-season collection for $5.00 (for 3 books).

NOTE: The out-of-season collection is only available at Parkway Parade and CenterPoint branches.

To avoid any complications, feel free to WhatsApp +65 8932 9373 for any claims, more information or clarification.